Thank You

Some of the many outstanding individuals who have made an impact on my life: (1) Sir Elton John; (2) Elizabeth Taylor; (3) Earvin "Magic" Johnson; (4) Mikhail Carreon Taggueg, Founder/ HIV advocate/ HIV Counselor at The Cagayan Valley Support System; (5) Rock Hudson; (6)Prentiss Douthit, Hill Country Ride for AIDS Ride Director; (7) standing: Glenda Whitehead, … Continue reading Thank You


Unedited Excerpt – Growing Into My Skin

Unedited excerpt from the rough draft of: GROWING INTO MY SKIN, a memoir of a gay man.   “Who is Dale Thele?” the interviewer asked. “I suppose I'm a person who's passionate about my beliefs.” “What do you believe?” “I believe in humanity, equality and I believe in myself.” “How would you summarize yourself?” “Passion … Continue reading Unedited Excerpt – Growing Into My Skin