Handwriting Novel Rough Draft

Who handwrites any more? That's so old school. Well, just call me old fashion.


Word Count Matters

OOPSIE! My word count estimate for the first rough draft of CLIPPED WINGS may have been way off. I'm not a PLOTTER (a writer who plans out a storyline in detail). I'm not an OUTLINER (a writer who creates a story outline before beginning to write). I'm a PANTSER (I don't plan out anything; I … Continue reading Word Count Matters

Unedited Excerpt – Growing Into My Skin

Unedited excerpt from the rough draft of: GROWING INTO MY SKIN, a memoir of a gay man.   “Who is Dale Thele?” the interviewer asked. “I suppose I'm a person who's passionate about my beliefs.” “What do you believe?” “I believe in humanity, equality and I believe in myself.” “How would you summarize yourself?” “Passion … Continue reading Unedited Excerpt – Growing Into My Skin